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75-95HP 4-Wheel Drive Tractor

75-95HP 4-Wheel Drive Tractor

YTO-ELX754F/ELX854F four wheeled tractors are self-developed high power agricultural vehicles which have use advanced technologies within a global range. They are used for orchards or other special operations.

1.Applicable to orchards operations due to compact structure, light weight, narrow tread and central ROPS;
2.Powerful and green engine with minimal vibration due to secondary balancer;

3.With European technologies, the transmission system can have synchronizer installed for non-stop gear shifting, thus improving the working efficiency.
4.Independently operated double-acting clutch easy to operate;
5.The tractor features hydrostatic steering with independent oil circuit. The steering wheel is adjustable to ease the driver’s operation.
6.Pedal-operated hydraulic disc service brake saves effort in operation. The parking brake operated by the handle is safe and reliable.
7.Synchronous and independent dual speed power output from PTO, 2 sets of hydraulic output for hitching implements.

Product Parameters

Overall Dimension of Cab (L*W*H)(mm) 4250x1500x2275 4250x1500x2275
Min. Operating Mass (with Cab) (kg) 3100 3100
Max. counterweight mass (front/back) (kg) 4*20/0 4*20/0
Engine Model 4RBT 4RBT
Type 4-cylinder, vertical, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber, naturally aspirated
Displacement (L) 4.58 4.75
Rated Power (kW) 55 62.5
Rated Speed (rpm) 2400 2400
Transmission Gears 12F+4R 12F+4R
Forward speed (km/h) 1.80-29.74 1.80-29.74
Reverse speed (km/h) 4.69-14.07 4.69-14.07
Tire Front 9.5-20 9.5-20
Rear 14.9-24 14.9-24
Tread Front wheels (Adjustable) (mm) 1260 1260
Rear wheels (Adjustable) (mm) 1150 1150
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 300 300
Min. turning radius(m) 6.5±0.3 6.5±0.3
PTO Rear wheels (Adjustable) (mm) Independent and synchronous
Rotation rate(rpm) 540/1000 540/1000
Power(kW) 47 53
Tilling depth control method Force control, position control, force and position control, float control
Lifting Force At 610mm (KN) ≥16 ≥16
Hinge point (KN) ≥23 ≥23
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