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40-45HP Wheeled Tractor

1. The transmission system of the 40-45HP wheeled tractor is produced with advanced European technology.
2. Possessing outstanding reliability and durability, our paddy field tractor has 3/4-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. In addition to the large torque, the device features low energy consumption and environment protection.
3. The gear drive is 8F+4R. Specially, the gear configuration for the product of YTO-454 series is 8F+8R.

4. By virtue of the outstanding sealing mechanism for the front drive axle, the 40-45HP wheeled tractor is an optimal choice for operation in paddy field.
5. The hydraulic lifting system of the agricultural wheeled tractor is manufactured in compact structure. So, the operation and control of the product is flexible and easy.
6. Safe and reliable, the hydraulic steering system can be manually controlled.
7. Our four wheel tractor has passed E-Mark certification.

Technical Parameters

Model YTO-404 YTO-454 YTO-400 YTO-450
Drive Type 4×4 4×2
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 3727×1630×2400 3742×1640×2435 3737×1650×2400 3742×1645×2405
Wheel Base (mm) 1965 1900 1942 1940
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 270 350 410 380
Min. Operating Mass (kg)(ROPS) 1990 2070 1820 1820
Tyre Size (F/R) 7.5-16/11.2-28 8.3-20/12.4-28 6.00-16/12.4-28
Wheel Track (F/R) (mm) 1250/1300-1600 1250/1300-1600 1350-1550/1300-1500 1250-1450/1300-1500
Gear Shift (F/R) 8/4 8/8 8/4
Speed Range (km/h)(F/R) 2.49-32.59/3.69-11.25 2.25-29.53/3.34-10.20 2.58-33.83/3.82-11.68 2.49-32.65/3.70-11.28
Lifting Force (610mm)(KN) ≥6.62 ≥7.45 ≥6.62 ≥7.45
Lifting Force (Link Joint)(KN) 8.52 9.60 8.52 9.60
Diesel Engine
Model C490BT-8 YT3B2-22 C490BT-8 A495BT-5
Type 4-cylinder, in-line, vertical, water cooled, four stroke 3-cylinder, in-line, vertical, water cooled, four stroke 4-cylinder, in-line, vertical, water cooled, four stroke
Displacement (L) 2.67 3.30 2.67 2.76
Rated Power/Rotating Speed (kW/rpm) 29.4/2400 33.1/2200 29.4/2400 25.7/2200
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