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18-25HP Wheeled Tractor

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As an ISO9001:2008 certified wheeled tractor manufacturer in China, we at YTO are able to satisfy all global customers by providing quality and economical tractors. Thanks to our decades of experience and tireless efforts, the sales and market share of our wheeled tractors have been the highest in our domestic market for many years.

The lifting force of these products is 2.98KN, 3.2 KN and 4.2KN respectively. Our wheeled tractors are equipped with a double cylinder water cooled four-stroke diesel engine, which is fuel efficient. In addition, our tractors use a single disc clutch. For more detailed information, please refer to the parameter table below.

1. YTO-180/200 Wheeled Tractor
Compact structure, ease of operation and maintenance
Sensitive and reliable braking
Equipped with safety stand, tractor awning is optional
Suitable for operations on small land areas and driving on narrow roads

2.YTO-SE250 Wheeled Tractor
Easy to use and maintain
High carrying capacity, great efficiency
Reliable braking, stable performance
Equipped with safety stand, tractor awning is optional

3. YTO-SK244
1) This range of product is installed with 3-cylinder diesel actuated by electricity
2) Compared with tractor of the same horsepower, this product features light weight, small volume, simple structure, and high cost performance.

18-25HP Wheeled Tractor Specifications

Model YTO-180 YTO-200 YTO-SE250 YTO-SK244
Diesel engine
Model TY295IT TY295IT TY2100IT3 YD385T
Type Double cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke
Displacement (L) 1.49 1.49 1.65 1.53
Rated power/speed(Kw)/(r/min) 13.2/2200 14.7/2200 18.4/2300 17.7/2350
Max. torque (N.m)/speed (r/min) 66.4/1760 71.5/1760 86/1760 83/1700
Bore x stroke (mm) 95×105 95×105 100×105 85×90
Gear shift, forward/backward 16/4 16/4 8/4 8/2
Speed range (Km/h), forward/backward 0.79-27.0/1.05-9.79 0.78-27.44/1.03-10.07 2.17-28.13/2.59-7.86 2.07-31.54/2.72-12.59
PTO power (Kw) 10.56 11.77 15.5 15.05
PTO rotation speed(r/min) 540 540 540 540/1000
Clutch Single disc Single disc Single disc Single action (Double action optional)
Three-point linkage category Rear three-point linkage I Rear three-point linkage I Rear three-point linkage I Rear three-point suspension I
Tilling depth control mode Height adjustment Height adjustment Floating adjustment, position adjustment Height adjustment, position adjustment
Lifting force(KN) 2.98 3.2 4.2 4.0
Dimensions, mass, drive  
Drive type 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×4
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 2540×1205×1370 2800×1240×1400 3320×1280×1418 3453×1465×1835
Wheelbase(mm) 1440 1500 1650 1698
Min. ground clearance(mm) 271 305 325 260
Min. operating mass(with safety stand)(Kg) 1060 1060 1280 1450
Tyre spec., front /rear 4.0-14/7.5-20 4.0-14/9.5-20 4.0-16/9.5-24 6.0-16/9.5-24
Wheel tread, front/rear 1000/1000 1000/1020 1000-1300/1020 1190/1100-1300
Steering Mechanical Hydraulic steering
Brake Shoe, mechanical -

If you are in need of our 18-25HP wheeled tractor, please feel free to contact us. We at YTO are happy to assist you.

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