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50-55HP Wheeled Tractor

Produced with advantage technology, the 50-55HP wheeled tractor has passed E-Mark certification. As a professional Chinese wheeled tractor supplier, our company has the self-owned brand for the 4 cylinder diesel engine, which features large torque reserve factor, strong power, and high economic efficiency.

1. The heavy duty tractor is manufactured with reliable and durable transmission. So, it is quite suitable for the operation with heavy load. Moreover, the shuttle shift structure of the transmission system makes for high working efficiency.

2. There is integrated axle housing provided for the front drive axle for big load bearing capacity. The outstanding sealing property effectively prevents the drive axle from being damaged.
3. Our 50-55HP wheeled tractor can be equipped with clutch pedal for safe startup. So, accident caused by incorrect startup can be avoided.

Technical Parameters of Diesel Tractor

Model YTO-MF504 YTO-MF554 YTO-MF500 YTO-MF550
Type 4×4 4×2
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 3910×1745×2545 3910×1745×2565 3910×1745×2545 3910×1745×2565
Wheel Base (mm) 2063 2127 2063 2127
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 350 400
Min. Operating Mass (kg)(ROPS) 2326 2380 2130 2180
Tyre Size (F/R) 8.3-20/12.4-28 8.3-20/13.6-28 6.00-16/12.4-28 6.50-16/13.6-28
Wheel Track (F/R )(mm) 1250/1400-1600 1350-1550/1400-1600
Gear Shift (F/R) 8/8
Speed Range(km/h)(F/R) 2.37-31.06/2.03-26.62 2.47-32.38/2.12-27.75 2.37-31.06/2.03-26.62 2.47-32.38/2.12-27.75
Lifting Force (610mm)(KN) ≥8.28 ≥9.09 ≥8.28 ≥9.09
Lifting Force (Link Joint)(KN) 10.66 11.70 10.66 11.70
Diesel Engine
Model YT4A2-22 YT4A2-22 YT4A2-22 YT4A2-22
Type 4-cylinder, in-line, vertical, water cooled, 4 stroke
Displacement (L) 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15
Rated Power/Rotating Speed (kW/rpm) 36.8/2200 40.4/2200 36.8/2200 40.4/2200
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